Take full advantage of future health tech

The frontier of biotechnology is beginning to deliver powerful new healthcare innovations, each with the potential to dramatically improve healthspan.
Your own cells will become therapeutic building blocks.

Advancements we're especially excited about:

Gene therapies

CRISPR is arguably the most important recent breakthrough in biotechnology. The gene editing technique allows us to make precise genomic modifications and will play a central role in future gene therapy efforts.

Stem Cell Therapeutics

Stem cells have vast regenerative abilities. Able to become any cell type of the body, they're fundamental building block for many other theraputics.

Tissue Engineering

Cells from patients are being grown on scaffolds to create replacements for entire tissue sections. Artifical skin, new cartilage, and bioartificial windpipes are examples of some leading-edge techniques.

Organ regeneration

The culmination of tissue engineering and cellular 3D printing have already led to the creation of simple organ structures that have succeeded clinically. Heart, liver, and kidney's are just around the corner.


As you age, your cells accumulate irreversible damage.
They'll never be as youthful as they are right now.

The Acorn service

Acorn is the first take-home human cell cryopreservation service.
Here are the advantages to what we will offer:

Young cell Preservation

We freeze your cells, keeping them safe, viable, and compatible with future theraputics.

Take-Home Kit

Collect your cells at home and send them back to us. No doctors or medical professionals required - it's that easy.

Safe, prolonged, secure

Our cell testing protocols make certain your cells have made it to our lab in great shape.

Non-invasive approach

You can collect all the cells you need non-invasively. That's the Acorn way.

Fully Informed

We'll keep you informed of all the latest advancements in biotechnology so you won't miss out.

Theraputics of the Future

Later in life when you need your younger cells, you can use them with advanced therapeutics.

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Ideation and our first laboratory experiments began at the University of Waterloo's startup incubator Velocity Science. During that time we participated in a number of accelerators including Y-Combinator, the Accelerator Centre, and the Creative Destruction Lab. After several years of research we moved into Johnson & Johnson Innovation's JLABS @ Toronto, MaRS, where we've been accelerating our efforts toward launch.

We're passionate about the future of biotechnology and can't wait for what's yet to come.

Advancements We're Excited About

Acorn's picks for emerging biotechnology to get excited by!


Join the growing team at Acorn Biolabs building the next generation of innovative cellular resources.

We're looking for expertise in:

Human Cell and Molecular Biology
Data Management Systems
Web App Development
Consumer Packaged Goods

If you think you'd be a good fit,
email us at: careers@acornbiolabs.com

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